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the apex

commissioner: st. edmunsbury council

artist: tod hanson

Tod Hanson was commissioned to create a new work which provided a focus for the foyer of the Apex, a new multi-purpose entertainment venue at the hub of local cultural activities in the mixed-use scheme on the site of the old Cattlemarket in Bury St Edmunds.

The Apex was completed in 2010 and hosts a variety of music, entertainment and corporate events, offering a unique and exciting space in which visitors and the local community can see a diverse and varied range of artists, bands and events throughout the year.

Tod Hanson's commission, 'Crenulated Zoom' was installed in 2012 and investigates the language of lights, curtains and the context and purpose of the venue.

Images: 'Crenulated Zoom' by Tod Hanson.
Photographs: Courtesy of the artist.

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