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school of mathematical sciences

commissioner: queen mary university of london

artist: giulia ricci

Artist Giulia Ricci was commissioned by Queen Mary University of London to create a series of works as part of the refurbishment of  the School of Mathematical Sciences building.  Completed in early 2020, the commission comprises of two elements, which were developed following discussions with academic staff, students and the design team.

'Parallel / Bend (Folding)' is incorporated into the walls and columns of the undergraduate study area, and responds to the Penrose designs on the outside of the building, linking the internal and external.  Painted on site by the artist, this handmade element contributes to the uniqueness of the work.

‘Order/Disruption (Windows)’ on the glazing of the public areas of level 6, casts changing shadows and patterns on the internal spaces, and was inspired by the arrival of the first computer at Queen Mary University in 1967.  The dots refer to punched cards that were used in early computers, contrasting ideas of order and disruption.

Images: 'Parallel / Bend (Folding)'  and ‘Order/Disruption (Windows)’by Giulia Ricci.
Photographs: courtesy of the artist.

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