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nine wells

commissioner: hill

artists: peter randall-page and laura ellen bacon

Laura Ellen Bacon
Laura Ellen Bacon

Hill commissioned Peter Randall Page and Laura Ellen Bacon to make sculptures for Ninewells, a prestigious new neighbourhood development on the rural edge of Cambridge.

Acclaimed sculptor Peter Randall Page’s response to the site was to make a sculpture integrated into the landscaping of one of the many public areas.  The sculpture incorporates channels carved into the surface which when wet reveal a complex drawing of river systems and deltas.  The work references the water channels and rills visible throughout the development.

Laura Ellen Bacon’s sculptures are derived from the archaeological survey of the site which revealed upright posts used as historic fence enclosures and waymarkers.  The sculptures which appear shaped both by hand and nature were made by traditional steam bending processes commonly used in wood boat building.

Both artists refer to the site’s rural history whilst at the same time creating a new contemporary legacy.

Images: 'Confluence' by Peter Randall-Page.  (Photographs: Lauren Goldie). 'Cluster' by Laura Ellen Bacon.
Photographs: Courtesy of the artists.

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