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newnham college

commissioner: newnham college

artist: cathy de monchaux

Newnham College commissioned Cathy De Monchaux to make a sculpture for the new Dorothy Garrod building which opened in 2018.

Facing Sidgwick Avenue, the sculpture is a 10.6 metre bronze column incorporated into the fabric of the building alongside the main entrance.

‘Beyond Thinking’ which celebrates the College’s history of, and ongoing commitment to, learning and research is a vertical column of open books that incorporate vines and female figures, drawing on the artist’s interest in organic and architectural forms.

Prior to the installation of the work the artist designed hoardings for the site which announced the later permanent commission.  Incorporating anecdotal information and the names of notable alumni,  the hoardings referred to the College’s  history and the achievements of the women who studied there.

Images: 'Beyond Thinking' by Cathy de Monchaux.
Photographs: Commission Projects

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