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mill square, chelmsford

commissioner: chelmsford city council

artist: antoni malinowski

Mill Square Reflections by Antoni Malinowski was commissioned in 2019 by Chelmsford City Council with funding from Bellway Homes for an existing car park incorporated into a new city centre development.

Comprising of a series of panels on the south and east elevations of the car park which are meticulously painted with combinations of differently pigmented paints. The pigments used are light reflective and opalescent creating an unusual effect of light sensitive, constantly changing colours.

The panels at times appear subtle against the busy centre of Chelmsford.  However, because of their light reflecting and refracting qualities, they dematerialise the brick elevations of the car park animating them with light and constantly changing colours.

The commission is one of a number led by Chelmsford City Council that are making an exciting contribution to the City’s public realm.

Images: 'Mill Square Reflections' by Antoni Malinowski.
Photographs: Sue Barr, courtesy of the artist.

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