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foster's mill

commissioners: brookgate and hill residential

artist: david ward

Artist David Ward was appointed to develop and deliver a temporary light installation for Foster's Mill, next to Cambridge Railway Station. 'Foster's Mill Firmament' was the first project to be presented as part of the CB1 public art programme for the Ceres Phase of the development.

'Foster's Mill Firmament' referenced the history of the mill and other buildings in Cambridge. Linear drawings were layered with different firmaments of stars over two sides of the mill building relating to the ancient belief that the sky is a celestial sphere enclosed within a dome or vault. The drawings were derived from fan vault ceilings such as those in King's College Chapel in Cambridge.

David Ward worked in partnership with ACT Consultant Services and The Projection Studio to create the light projection.

'Foster's Mill Firmament' was part of the CB1 Public Art Programme managed and developed by Commission Projects.

Images: 'Foster's Mill Firmament' by David Ward.
Photographs: Richard Davies.

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